Dentures are removable dental appliances used to replace missing teeth and restore a person’s ability to chew, speak, and smile with confidence. They are not fixed appliances and instead rests on the gums/teeth.

They come in two main types: partial dentures, which replace a few missing teeth and are often secured to neighbouring natural teeth, and complete dentures, which replace all the teeth in the upper or lower jaw.

Dentures are custom-made to fit comfortably and securely in the patient’s mouth, providing a natural appearance and as much functionality as possible. They not only improve oral function but also help support facial muscles and prevent facial sagging that can occur with missing teeth.

Dentures are a popular and effective solution for individuals seeking to regain their smile and maintain oral health despite tooth loss.

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We offer a range of services from specialist treatments such as implants to cosmetic options such as teeth whitening, Invisalign and composite bonding.

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